Tiempo sin revisar los enlaces y me di cuenta que habían muchos blogs que tenían bastante tiempo sin alguna actualización, por lo que procedí a borrarlos.  Si por casualidad me equivoqué en alguno y es el suyo, puede hacérmelo saber por acá mismo.

El Tercer Grado

El tercer grado

A finales del año pasado un pokerstratega, maroto77, y yo; grabamos una serie de podcasts y lo colgamos en un foro de   Consistía en entrevistas a pokerstrategas muy conocidos en el ámbito de la mencionada escuela.  Para este año, en su 2da temporada, quisimos entrevistar a jugadores y/o personas que no pertenecieran a dicha [...]

Mi mejor momento en PokerStars


Sin lugar a dudas que el mejor momento que he vivido en pokerstars ha sido mi primer pinchazo por encima de los mil dólares.  Fue el 20 de septiembre del año pasado quedando 2do en un torneo de $8.  La emoción de traspasar la barrera de los mil dólares fue indescriptible.  Apenas pude dormir.  Desde [...]

Entrevista Samy4ever (2da parte)

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La 2da parte de la entrevista a Samy4ever que le hicimos un pokerstratega y yo.   Descargar 2da parte entrevista Samy4ever  

Comeback y Entrevista a Samy4ever

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Tiempo sin actualizar por acá, y es que los chicos de Pokerviú me alojaron como bloguero,  escribí unas cosas por allá.  No sé si a la final decida publicar mis cosas por allá y abandonar este blog, pero esa decisión será para inicios del año que viene. Junto a un amigo pokerstratega iniciamos un podcast [...]

Te espero a los 40

  Mido apenas 1.70 cm, soy calvo, negro, y algo barrigón. Sin embargo, he cautivado al 90% de las chicas que me he propuesto enamorar durante estos 40 años que cumplí esta semana. Nunca he fumado cigarrillos, ni tampoco he probado drogas, no tomo café, ingiero muy poco alcohol. (mas no sé si esto ha [...]

Best Poker face

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Whether you are a feel player or math player, you sure know the thrills of playing Poker. Making the ace-high hero call will give you some great feelings, but yelling for more chips will definitely make you feel horrible. But have you noticed the beautiful ladies that are often around the Poker table? Did you ever think who are they and what role do they play there? If you want to meet such a ravishing and elegant lady, all you have to do is just give up to your Poker face and contact

Are you feeling lucky?

Texas Hold’em is, as you probably already know, the most popular variation of Poker now played. It became even more popular after its promotion on the internet, mobile applications and various games. If you are feeling lucky and you often play this game, perhaps you are guided by your gut or you use math calculations in order to win the game.

But if you frequently step into Casinos in order to play Poker, you couldn’t have missed the gorgeous ladies around the table. It does not matter why there are in there, to impress you or take your mind off the game. Their presence intimidated you and not just once. Always appearing gorgeous and beautifully arranged from head to toes, they seem to be perfect, inspired from your dreams. But you know that if you will get to talk to them, your mind will be completely wasted.

You may sit at the table to soak in the atmosphere and use your gut instinct when it comes to raising a bet, calling or going all in. Or you could be a math player and see each and every hand as a math problem that has to be solved. Regardless if you are a feel player or math player, your decisions have a great chance to be influenced by the appealing lady that entices you with her smile.

However, you should not let it happen. Keep playing your hand, focus on your goals and keep tracking your opponents. You know that playing at the table with human players is a lot more entertaining than staying in front of your computer, especially because it will allow you to see their reactions and you will not have to calculate odds. So follow your instincts, go all in and make sure you will walk home with your pockets full! Yet, before actually leaving, you should get in touch with the smiling lady who starred at you all night long.

If you wish to share a delightful adventure with such a ravishing lady, you should give up to your Poker face and call This escort agency collaborates with stunning models from all over the world and they are more than eager to accompany you wherever you may want, at the Casino, in your favourite pub or even within a journey. If you are feeling lucky you should make up your mind, go all in and enjoy your experience with the lady of your choice!